Jorcks Passage

Jorcks Ejendomsselskab

– we exist for the tenants

Since 1913, Jorcks Ejendomsselskab has rented out beautiful and well-maintained commercial properties in inner Copenhagen and in Østerbro.

The majority of the many square meters – spread over more than 20 properties – are today used as offices or business, while only a small part is rented out as housing. Read more about our properties at (Google translated).

Jorcks Ejendomsselskab is today one of the country’s oldest real estate companies, which still buys and leases up-to-date commercial leases from the office in Jorcks Passage. It is part of the company’s philosophy to focus on historic, presentable and charming properties that are tastefully and gently renovated in a very high quality. (Read more about the story at (Google translated))

Throughout the years, the focus has been on integrity as well as honest and credible hiring. This is achieved by being present and responsible and with a close dialogue to the quality-conscious tenants. In this way, stable, close and long-lasting relationships between tenant and landlord are ensured.

Interested? Check available leases at (Google translated)

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